Welcome to eta Connect FAQ

Q1: How do I login to eta Connect?
Answer: A user name and password will be assigned to you when you register for a certificate or diploma course at a campus or through distance learning. These credentials will be e-mailed to you using the address you supplied at registration.
Q2: I forgot my password or didn't receive it.
Answer: Use the Reset Password tool on the left hand side panel/menu.
To use the tool, you must enter the e-mail address you registered with or that you last updated in the system.
Your new password will be send via e-mail.
You can change your new password once you have logged in, under account settings in the myWorkspace section.
Q3: I am not receiving any etaConnect notifications on e-mail.
Answer: Notifications are sent to the e-mail address that you supplied during registration. If your e-mail address has changed, please update your details under account settings in the myWorkspace section.
Also ensure that you inform the campus or distance learning administrator of your address change.
Q4: What are the tabs on the horizontal bar?
Answer: Refer to the Getting Started page.
Your course is made up of several modules as stipulated on your Confirmation Letter. Each module is represented by a tab on the horizontal bar in etaConnect using the codes specified.
The first four letters represents the module name. The second part represents the mode and year of study. E.g. “FT-17” is a Full Time 2017 module.
Q5: When are my tasks due?
Answer: Refer to the Getting Started page.
Each module have a calendar on the home page of the module. The calendar can also be accessed under Schedule from the left pane. The calendar indicates due dates for tasks, tests and exams.
The calendar on the myWorkspace home page is a collection of all calendar entries across all your active modules.
Due dates allow you to plan your submissions to avoid missing the deadline. Knowing your due dates in advance also allow you to study sufficiently for tests and exams.
Q6: Are the due dates for tasks the latest date for hand-ins?
Answer: Yes. Due dates for tasks on your calendar will be the final date for submission of the task. No late tasks will be accepted. Excuses such as computer problems etc. will not be accepted. Solving computer problems is your own responsibility.
Q7: How do I submit an assignment?
Answer: Assignments for each module can be accessed under the Assignments section on the left menu for each module.
Read the task instructions in your study guide to ensure that you have answered the questions. Read any additional submission instructions in the Assignments section if applicable.

If you are required you to upload an attachment, click on the “add attachment” button and select the desired file; attach more files if needed and then press submit.
If your task requires you to complete a worksheet, the template provided must first be downloaded and saved to your computer. Then complete it on your computer before you upload it as an attachment.

Keep to the file type and file size restrictions specified.
Q8: Some tasks have worksheets attached to them. Must I download the worksheet?
Answer: Yes. First download and save the worksheet on your computer, rename it according to the task instructions and then commence your work. Save your work regularly while you are working.
Q9: I do not see any assignments in the assignment section for my module?
Answer: Assignments for each module under the Assignments section will only be available once the open date is reached. Open dates are communicated via announcements.
Open dates allow for modules to be completed in sequence. It also controls course timelines to pace learners in order to complete on time.
Tests and exams can be accessed from Tests & Quizzes and will only be available on the day of the test or exam. (This only applies to Distance Learning Students)
Q10: Is there a time limit with online tests and exams?
Answer: Yes, there is a time limit. It is important to choose a time on your test/exam day that you can work uninterrupted.
Tests are always open for 24-hours, if the duration is 2 hours, choose a 2-hour period that suits your schedule best and when you can have silence around you.
Your Internet connection must remains on and constant for the duration of the test/exam. (This only applies to Distance Learning Students)
Q11: Do I need to install specific software on my computer for etaConnect?
Answer: Some worksheets are provided in PDF or Word format. Downloading the latest free Adobe Acrobat Reader is advised. For Word, you'll need Microsoft Office Word or Open Office.
If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) as your internet browser you need to ensure you have the latest Adobe Acrobat Add On for Internet Explorer. Click here to install the latest add on for Acrobat for IE.

We recommend Mozilla Firefox as an internet browser, but it is not compulsory.Here is a link to it.
Click here to install the latest add on for Acrobat for Mozilla Firefox web browsers.
For all internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.), please ensure your settings allow for automatic Adobe Acrobat Reader updates.
You are welcome to use other PDF viewers as long as they are updated regularly.
Q12: The system is acting strangly, what do I do?
Answer: First logout and try to clear your browser cache. For instructions on how to do this: See question 13.
Q13: The system hangs or gives an error message, what do I do?
Answer: Please contact your campus at your earliest convenience. Please specify error message wording and where possible provide the time and date of the error. Also state what you were busy with at the time that the error occurred.