Getting started on eta Connect

eta Connect for all 2018 students can now be found here:

Connect is an online student portal that allows online submission of assignments and much more.
On course commencement you will be given a login user name and password for this portal.
This allows you to access the system from anywhere in the world.
Below we'll walk you through some basic steps and tips for eta Connect.
All the best with your studies and we recommend that you have a look through the FAQ.

Your Workspace

This is your general eta Connect area specific to your own profile.
Here you can:
  • Update your profile
  • See to which sites/course modules you belong
  • Read all your announcements from all sites you belong to
  • Update your e-mail address

Your Calendar

This is your overall calendar that shows all events across all your module pages.
On the left hand side you can use the schedule option to see different views (week/month/year) of your calendar.
Use this to get an overview of due dates for assignments for the months or the year ahead.

Your E-mail Address

By clicking on Account you can view and update your e-mail address. To update, click on Modify Details as shown in the picture. The e-mail address displayed here must be kept up to date:
  • Announcements made will be sent to this address
  • You'll need it to reset your password if needed

Your Tab Navigation

The tabs on your navigation bar are all the different modules you are enrolled for. The module codes can be accessed in your study guide or learning resource. They are also listed on your final confirmation letter you received via e-mail. In the example:
DL refers to the mode of study you signed up for e.g. Distance Learning or FT for Full Time.
16 refers to the year of study your course started.

Each module tab has these tools:
  • Home Calendar and Schedule - view due dates for assignments pertaining to the specific module
  • Announcemnts - specific for that module
  • Assignments - where you'll upload your assignments and view feedback
  • Resources - access study material and resources
  • A variety of other tools like chat rooms and tests depending on each module's requirements